Flag of Germany
Flag of Germany

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Official name : Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Population: 81,083,600
Capital: Berlin
Currency: EURO
Calling code: 49
ISO 3166 code: DE
Internet TLD: .de
Time zone: CET (UTC+1)
Land area : 357,168 km2
137,847 sq mi
Drives on the: right
Roads n/a
Railroads : n/a
Airports : n/a
Ports : n/a
Pipelines : n/a


Aircraft registrations used in Germany :

D-AAAA to D-AZZZ for aircraft with more than 20t MTOW
D-BAAA to D-BZZZ for aircraft with 14t-20t MTOW
D-CAAA to D-CZZZ for aircraft with 5,7t-14t MTOW
D-EAAA to D-EZZZ for single engine aircraft up to 2t MTOW
D-FAAA to D-FZZZ for single engine aircraft from to 2t-5,7t MTOW
D-GAAA to D-GZZZ for multi-engine aircraft up to 2t MTOW
D-IAAA to D-IZZZ for multi-engine aircraft from 2t-5,7t MTOW
D-HAAA to D-HZZZ for rotorcraft
D-KAAA to D-KZZZ for powered gliders
D-LAAA to D-LZZZ for airships
D-MAAA to D-MZZZ for powered sports aircraft
D-NAAA to D-NZZZ for non-powered sports aircraft
D-OAAA to D-OZZZ for manned free ballons
D-0001 to D-9999 for Gliders


List of airlines in Germany


List of airports in Germany

Ground transport


Local car manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen
Local truck manufacturers: MAN

Major car brands that have factories in Germany : Ford


Railway system

Ship transport


List of ports in Germany

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