Ground transport


total road network: 68,157 km
paved roads: 61,514 km (including 1,103 km of expressways)
unpaved roads: 6,643 km (2006)



total railways: 2,052 km
standard gauge railway: 1,801 km of 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) gauge
narrow gauge railway: 251 km of 1,050 mm (3 ft 5 11⁄32 in) gauge (2006)


Aircraft registrations used in Syria: YK-AAA to YK-ZZZ


As of 2015, Syria had a total of 99 airports. The major airports are: Aleppo International Airport, Bassel Al Assad International Airport, Damascus International Airport, Deir ez Zor Airport, Kamishly Airport, and Palmyra Airport.

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Syrian Air


The main seaport of the country is at Latakia. Other important ports are at Baniyas, Jablah, and Tartus.


The waterways of Syria are about 900 km and present minimal economic importance.

Merchant marine

total: 19 ships (1,000 gross register tons (GRT) or over) totaling 429,005 GRT/626,069 tonnes deadweight (DWT)
ships by type: bulk carrier 4, cargo ship 14, carrier 1 (2010)

Pipeline transport

There are pipelines for transporting crude oil 1,997 km; petroleum products 3,161 km (2010)

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