American Airlines Flight 587

American Airlines Flight 587
The aircraft involved in the accident pictured at Miami in 1989
The aircraft involved in the accident pictured at Miami in 1989

Accident summary
Date 12 November 2001
Type : pilot error,
wake turbulence
Location : Queens, New York
Passengers : 251
Crew : 9
Fatalities : 265 (including 5 on ground)
Survivors : 0
Aircraft involved : Airbus A600
Operator : American Airlines
Aircraft registration : N14053
Flight origin : New York JFK Airport
Destination : Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic

American Airlines Flight 587 was an American Airlines flight operated with an Airbus A300 between New York John F Kennedy Airport and Santo Domingo Las Americas Airport in the Dominican Republic. On 12 November 2001 the flight crashed shortly after takeoff into a residential area in Belle Harbor, a neighborhood of Queens. All 260 passengers and crew perished along with five people on the ground.




Search and recovery

Passengers and crew




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