Aircraft registration

Country / Region
Registration Prefix
Afghanistan YA YA-AAA to YA-ZZZ
Albania ZA ZA-AAA to ZA-ZZZ
ZA-HAA to ZA-HZZ (Helicopters)
Algeria 7T 7T-AAA to 7T-ZZZ
Andorra C3 C3-AAA to C3-ZZZ
Angola D2 D2-AAA to D2-ZZZ
Anguilla VP-A VP-AAA to VP-AZZ
Antigua and Barbuda V2 V2-AAA to V2-ZZZ
Argentina LV/LQ LV-AAA to LV-ZZZ
LQ-AAA to LQ-ZZZ (Official use only)
Armenia EK EK-10000 to EK-99999
Aruba P4 P4-AAA to P4-ZZZ
Australia VH VH-AAA to VH-ZZZ
Austria OE OE-AAA to OE-KZZ , OE-BAA to OE-BZZ (governmental service)
OE-LAA to OE-LZZ (airlines operating scheduled flights)
OE-VAA to OE-VZZ (test registrations)
OE-WAA to OE-WZZ (amphibian and sea planes)
OE-XAA to OE-XZZ (helicopters)
OE-0001 to OE-5999 (gliders)
OE-9000 to OE-9999 (motor gliders)
Azerbaijan 4K 4K-AZ1 to 4K-AZ999
4K-10000 to 4K-99999
Bahamas C6 C6-AAA to C6-ZZZ
Bahrain A9C A9C-AA to A9C-ZZ
Bangladesh S2 S2-AAA to S2-ZZZ
Barbados 8P 8P-AAA to 8P-ZZZ
Belarus EW EW-100AA to EW-999ZZ
EW-10000 to EW-99999
Belgium OO OO-AAA to OO-ZZZ (OO-Q never used)
OO-BAA to OO-BZZ (preferred for (Balloons)
OO-YAA to OO-ZAA (preferred for gliders)
OO-01 to OO-499 (Homebuilt aircraft)
OO-501 to OO-999 & OO-A01 to OO-Z99 (Microlights)
Belize V3 V3-AAA to V3-ZZZ
Bhutan A5 A5-AAA to A5-ZZZ
Bolivia CP CP-1000 to CP-9999
Bosnia and Herzegovina T9 T9-AAA to T9-ZZZ
Bosnia and Herzegovina E7 E7-AAA to E7-ZZZ
Botswana A2 A2-AAA to A2-ZZZ
Brazil PP PP-AAA to PP-ZZZ
Brazil PR PR-AAA to PR-ZZZ
Brazil PT PT-AAA to PT-ZZZ
Brazil PU PU-AAA to PU-ZZZ (Microlights)
British Virgin Islands VP-L VP-LAA to VP-LZZ
Brunei V8 V8-AAA to V8-ZZZ
V8-AA1 to V8-ZZ9
V8-001 to V8-999
Bulgaria LZ LZ-AAA to LZ-ZZZ
Burkina Faso XT XT-AAA to XT-ZZZ
Burundi 9U 9U-AAA to 9U-ZZZ
Cambodia XU XU-AAA to XU-ZZZ
Cameroon TJ TJ-AAA to TJ-ZZZ
Canada CF- CF-AAA to CF-ZZZ
Canada C-F C-FAAA to C-FZZZ
Canada C-G C-GAAA to C-GZZZ
Canada C-I C-IAAA to C-IZZZ (ultralight aeroplanes only)
Cape Verde D4 D4-AAA to D4-ZZZ
Cayman Islands VP-C VP-CAA to VP-CZZ
Central African Republic TL TL-AAA to TL-ZZZ
CC-CAA to CC-CZZ (commercial aircraft)
CC-PAA to CC-PZZ (private aircraft)
Republic of China Taiwan B B-10000 to B-99999
People's Republic of China B B-1000 to B-9999
Hong Kong, China B-H (formerly VR-H) B-HAA to B-HZZ
Hong Kong, China B-K B-KAA to B-KZZ
Hong Kong, China B-L B-LAA to B-LZZ
Macau, China B-M B-MAA to B-MZZ
Colombia HJ HJ-1000A to HJ-9999Z (Microlights)
Colombia HK HK-1000A to HK-9999Z
Comoros D6 D6-AAA to D6-ZZZ
Congo, Republic of TN TN-AAA to TN-ZZZ
Cook Islands E5 E5-AAA to E5-ZZZ
Congo, Democratic Republic of 9Q 9Q-AAA to 9Q-ZZZ
Costa Rica TI TI-AAA to TI-ZZZ
Cote d'Ivoire TU TU-AAA to TU-ZZZ
Croatia 9A 9A-AAA to 9A-ZZZ
9A-GAA to 9A-GZZ (Gliders)
9A-HAA to 9A-HZZ (Helicopters)
Cuba CU CU-C1000 to CU-C1999 (Airlines, cargo operations)
CU-E1000 to CU-E1999 (Agricultural Aircraft)
CU-H1000 to CU-H1999 (Helicopters)
CU-N1000 to CU-N1999 (Private Aircraft)
CU-T1000 to CU-T1999 (Airlines, passenger flights)
CU-U1000 to CU-U1999 (Ultralights)
Cyprus, Republic of 5B 5B-AAA to 5B-ZZZ
Czech Republic OK OK-AAA to OK-ZZZ
OK-AAA 00 to OK-ZZZ 99 (Microlights)
OK-0000 to OK-9999 (Gliders & balloons)
OK-A000 to OK-A999 (Ultralight gliders)6
Denmark OY N2 OY-AAA to OY-ZZZ
OY-HAA to OY-HZZ (Helicopters)
Djibouti J2 J2-AAA to J2-ZZZ
Dominica J7 J7-AAA to J7-ZZZ
Dominican Republic HI HI-100AA to HI-999ZZ
East Timor 4W N1
Ecuador HC HC-AAA to HC-ZZZ
El Salvador YS YS-AAA to YS-ZZZ
Equatorial Guinea 3C 3C-AAA to 3C-ZZZ
Eritrea E3 E3-AAAA to E3-ZZZZ
Estonia ES ES-AAA to ES-ZZZ
Ethiopia ET ET-AAA to ET-ZZZ
Falkland Islands VP-F VP-FAA to VP-FZZ
Faroe Islands OY N2 OY-AAA to OY-ZZZ
OY-HAA to OY-HZZ (Helicopters)
OY-XAA to OY-XZZ (Gliders)
Fiji Islands DQ DQ-AAA to DQ-ZZZ
Finland OH OH-AAA to OH-ZZZ
OH-001 to OH-999 (gliders)
France F F-AAAA to F-ZZZZ
F-CAAA to F-CZZZ (Gliders)
F-OAAA to F-OZZZ (Overseas Territories)
F-PAAA to F-PZZZ (Homebuilt)
F-WAAA to F-WZZZ (Test and Delivery)
"department number"-AA to -ZZ & -AAA to -ZZZ (Ultralights)eg: 59-ABC
French West Indies F-OG F-OGAA to F-OGZZ
French Guyana F-O F-OAAA to F-OZZZ
Gambia C5 C5-AAA to C5-ZZZ
Georgia 4L 4L-AAA to 4L-ZZZ
4L-10000 to 4L-99999
Germany D D-AAAA to D-AZZZ for aircraft with more than 20t MTOW
D-BAAA to D-BZZZ for aircraft with 14t-20t MTOW
D-CAAA to D-CZZZ for aircraft with 5,7t-14t MTOW
D-EAAA to D-EZZZ for single engine aircraft up to 2t MTOW
D-FAAA to D-FZZZ for single engine aircraft from to 2t-5,7t MTOW
D-GAAA to D-GZZZ for multi-engine aircraft up to 2t MTOW
D-IAAA to D-IZZZ for multi-engine aircraft from 2t-5,7t MTOW
D-HAAA to D-HZZZ for rotorcraft
D-KAAA to D-KZZZ for powered gliders
D-LAAA to D-LZZZ for airships
D-MAAA to D-MZZZ for powered sports aircraft
D-NAAA to D-NZZZ for non-powered sports aircraft
D-OAAA to D-OZZZ for manned free ballons
D-0001 to D-9999 for Gliders
Ghana 9G 9G-AAA to 9G-ZZZ
Gibraltar VP-G VP-GAA to VP-GZZ
Greece SX SX-AAA to SX-ZZZ
Greenland OY N2 OY-AAA to OY-ZZZ
Grenada J3 J3-AAA to J3-ZZZ
Guatemala TG TG-AAA to TG-ZZZ
Guinea 3X 3X-AAA to 3X-ZZZ
Guinea Bissau J5 J5-AAA to J5-ZZZ
Guyana 8R 8R-AAA to 8R-ZZZ
Honduras HR HR-AAA to HR-ZZZ
Hungary HA HA-AAA to HA-ZZZ
Iceland TF TF-AAA to TF-ZZZ
TF-100 to TF-999 (Microlights)
VT-HAA to VT-HZZ (Helicopters)
Indonesia PK PK-AAA to PK-ZZZ
Ireland EI EI-AAA to EI-ZZZ
Isle of Man M M-AAAA to M-ZZZZ
Israel 4X 4X-AAA to 4X-ZZZ
Italy I I-AAAA to I-ZZZZ
Jamaica 6Y 6Y-AAA to 6Y-ZZZ
Japan JA JA-0001 to JA-9999
JA-001A to JA-999Z
JA-01AA to JA-99ZZ
JA-A001 to JA-A999 (Balloons)
Jordan JY JY-AAA to JY-ZZZ
Kazakhstan UP UP-AAA01 to UP-ZZZ99 (Suffix letters refer to aircraft type)
Kenya 5Y 5Y-AAA to 5Y-ZZZ
Kiribati T3 T3-AAA to T3-ZZZ
Korea, People's Democratic Rep. P P-500 to P-999
Korea, Republic of HL8 HL0000 to HL0599 for gilder
HL0600 to HL0799 for airship
HL1000 to HL1799 for piston engine
HL2000 to HL2099 for piston engine
HL5100 to HL5499 for turbo prop
HL6100 to HL6199
HL6200 to HL6299
HL7100 to HL7199 for single turbojet
HL7200 to HL7299
HL7300 to HL7399
HL7400 to HL7499
HL7500 to HL7599
HL7600 to HL7699
HL8200 to HL8299
HL8400 to HL8499
HL8600 to HL8699
HL9100 to HL9199
HL9200 to HL9299
HL9200 to HL9299
HL9300 to HL9399
HL9400 to HL9499
HL9500 to HL9599
HL9600 to HL9699
Kuwait 9K 9K-AAA to 9K-ZZZ
Kyrgyzstan EX EX-100 to EX-999
EX-10000 to EX-99999
Laos RDPL RDPL-10000 to RDPL-99999
Latvia YL YL-AAA to YL-ZZZ
Lebanon OD OD-AAA to OD-ZZZ
Lesotho 7P 7P-AAA to 7P-ZZZ
Liberia A8 A8-AAA to A8-ZZZ
Libya 5A 5A-AAA to 5A-ZZZ
Liechtenstein HB HB-AAA to HB-ZZZ (shares allocation with Switzerland)
Lithuania LY LY-AAA to LY-ZZZ
Luxembourg LX LX-AAA to LX-ZZZ
LX-BAA to LX-BZZ (Balloons)
LX-CAA to LX-CZZ (Glider)
LX-HAA to LX-HZZ (Helicopters)
LX-XAA to LX-XZZ (Ultralights)
Macedonia Z3 Z3-AAA to Z3-ZZZ
Z3-HAA to Z3-HZZ (Helicopters)
Madagascar 5R 5R-AAA to 5R-ZZZ
Malawi 7Q 7Q-AAA to 7Q-ZZZ
Malaysia 9M 9M-AAA to 9M-ZZZ
9M-EAA to 9M-EZZ (Amateur-built)
9M-UAA to 9M-UZZ (Microlight)
Maldives 8Q 8Q-AAA to 8Q-ZZZ
Malta 9H 9H-AAA to 9H-ZZZ
Marshall Islands V7 V7-0001 to V7-9999
Mauritania 5T 5T-AAA to 5T-ZZZ
Mauritius 3B 3B-AAA to 3B-ZZZ
Mexico XA XA-AAA to XA-ZZZ
Mexico XB XB-AAA to XB-ZZZ
Mexico XC XC-AAA to XC-ZZZ
Micronesia V6 V6-AAA to V6-ZZZ
Moldova ER ER-AAA to ER-ZZZ
ER-10000 to ER-99999
Monaco 3A 3A-AAA to 3A-ZZZ
3A-HAA to 3A-HZZ (Helicopters)
Mongolia JU JU-1000 to JU-9999
Montenegro 4O 4O-AAA to 4O-ZZZ
Montserrat VP-M VP-MAA to VP-MZZ
Morocco CN CN-AAA to CN-ZZZ
Mozambique C9 C9-AAA to C9-ZZZ
Myanmar XY XY-AAA to XY-ZZZ
Myanmar XZ XZ-AAA to XZ-ZZZ (Not Used)
Namibia V5 V5-AAA to V5-ZZZ
Nauru C2 C2-AAA to C2-ZZZ
Nepal 9N 9N-AAA to 9N-ZZZ
Netherlands PH PH-AAA to PH-ZZZ
PH-1A1 to PH-9Z9 (Microlights)
PH-100 to PH-9999 (Gliders)
Netherlands Antilles PJ PJ-AAA to PJ-ZZZ
New Zealand ZK ZK-A**, ZK-B**, ZK-GA*, ZK-HA* reserved for historical aircraft including helicopters and gliders since 1987
ZK-FA*, ZK-FB* balloons
ZK-G** gliders
ZK-H**, ZK-I** helicopters
ZK-RA*, ZK-RB*, ZK-RC*, ZK-RD* gyrocopters
ZK-Q** marks are prohibited by ICAO
Remainder for fixed wing aircraft
Nicaragua YN YN-AAA to YN-ZZZ
Niger 5U 5U-AAA to 5U-ZZZ
Nigeria 5N 5N-AAA to 5N-ZZZ
Norway LN LN-AAA to LN-ZZZ Aircrafts in general, ecxept:
LN-G**, Gliders
LN-O**, Helicopters
LN-C**, Baloons
LN-Y**, Ultralight Aircraft
Oman A4O A4O-AA to A4O-ZZ
Pakistan AP AP-AAA to AP-ZZZ
Palestine SU-Y SU-YAA to SU-YZZ
Palestine E4 N1
Panama HP HP-1000AA to HP-9999ZZ
Papua New Guinea P2 P2-AAA to P2-ZZZ
Paraguay ZP ZP-AAA to ZP-ZZZ
Peru OB OB-1000 to OB-9999
Philippines RP-C RP-C0001 to RP-C9999
Poland SP SP-AAA to SP-ZZZ
SP-1000 to SP-3000, SP-8000 (gliders)
SP-SAAA to SP-SZZZ (ultralights)
SN-00AA (police and border guard)
Portugal CR CR-AAA to CR-ZZZ
Portugal CS CS-AAA to CS-ZZZ
Qatar A7 A7-AAA to A7-ZZZ
Reunion Island F-OD F-ODAA to F-ODZZ
Romania YR YR-AAA to YR-ZZZ
YR-1000 to YR-9999 (Gliders)
Russian Federation RA RA-00001 to RA-99999
RA-0001A to RA-9999Z
Russian Federation RF RF-00001 to RF-99999 (state-owned aircraft)
Rwanda 9XR 9XR-AA to 9XR-ZZ
Saint Helena/Ascension VQ-H VQ-HAA to VQ-HZZ
Saint Kitts and Nevis V4 V4-AAA to V4-ZZZ
Saint Lucia J6 J6-AAA to J6-ZZZ
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines J8 J8-AAA to J8-ZZZ
Samoa 5W 5W-AAA to 5W-ZZZ
San Marino T7 T7-AAA to T7-ZZZ
T7-001 to T7-999 (Microlights)
Sao Tome and Principe S9 S9-AAA to S9-ZZZ
Saudi Arabia HZ HZ-AAA to HZ-ZZZ
HZ-AA1 to HZ-ZZ99
Senegal 6V 6V-AAA to 6V-ZZZ
Serbia YU YU-AAA to YU-ZZZ
Seychelles S7 S7-AAA to S7-ZZZ
Sierra Leone 9L 9L-AAA to 9L-ZZZ
Singapore 9V 9V-AAA to 9V-ZZZ
Slovakia OM OM-AAA to OM-ZZZ
Slovenia S5 S5-AAA to S5-ZZZ
S5-HAA to S5-HZZ (Helicopters)
Solomon Islands H4 H4-AAA to H4-ZZZ
Somalia 6O 6O-AAA to 6O-ZZZ
South Africa ZS ZS-AAA to ZS-ZZZ
South Africa ZT ZT-AAA to ZT-ZZZ
South Africa ZU ZU-AAA to ZU-ZZZ (experimental license)
EC-001 to EC-999 (Test and delivery)
Sri Lanka 4R 4R-AAA to 4R-ZZZ
Surinam PZ PZ-AAA to PZ-ZZZ
Swaziland 3D 3D-AAA to 3D-ZZZ
Sweden SE SE-AAA to SE-ZZZ
Switzerland HB HB-AAA to HB-ZZZ
HB-1 to HB-9999 for Gliders and Motorgliders
Tahiti F-OH F-OHAA to F-OHZZ
Tajikistan EY EY-10000 to EY-99999
Tanzania 5H 5H-AAA to 5H-ZZZ
Thailand HS HS-AAA to HS-ZZZ
Togo 5V 5V-AAA to 5V-ZZZ
Tonga A3 A3-AAA to A3-ZZZ
Trinidad and Tobago 9Y 9Y-AAA to 9Y-ZZZ
Tunisia TS TS-AAA to TS-ZZZ
Turkey TC TC-AAA to TC-ZZZ
Turkmenistan EZ EZ-A100 to EZ-Z999
Turks and Caicos VQ-T VQ-TAA to VQ-TZZ
Tuvalu T2 T2-AAA to T2-ZZZ
Uganda 5X 5X-AAA to 5X-ZZZ
Ukraine UR UR-AAA to UR-ZZZ
UR-10000 to UR-99999
United Arab Emirates A6 A6-AAA to A6-ZZZ
United Kingdom G G-AAAA to G-ZZZZ
G-1-1 to G-99-99 (Test and delivery)
G-N01AA to G-N99ZZ (dual registration of Concorde)
United Nations 4U 4U-AAA to 4U-ZZZ
United States of America N N1 to N99999
N1A to N9999Z
N1AA to N999ZZ
Uruguay CX CX-AAA to CX-ZZZ
Uzbekistan UK UK-10000 to UK-99999
Vanuatu YJ YJ-AA1 to YJ-ZZ99
Venezuela YV YV0001 to YV9999
YV-0001A to YV-9999P
YV-AAA1 to YV-ZZZ9 (Official use)
Vietnam VN VN-1000 to VN-9999
VN-A100 to VN-A999
Yemen 7O 7O-AAA to 7O-ZZZ
Zambia 9J 9J-AAA to 9J-ZZZ
Zimbabwe Z Z-AAA to Z-ZZZ

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