Antonov An-140

Antonov An-140
Antonov An-140 - Hostomel Airport, 2008
Antonov An-140 - Hostomel Airport, 2008

Role Airliner
First flight : 17 September 1997
Status : Operational
Primary users : Ukraine, Iran, Russia
Produced : 1997-present
Number built : 28
Unit cost : US$9 million
Variants : HESA IrAn-140

Antonov An-140 - Hostomel Airport, 2008
Antonov An-140 - Hostomel Airport, 2008

Antonov An-140 - Hostomel Airport, 2008
Antonov An-140 - Hostomel Airport, 2008

Antonov An-140 in Yakutia Airlines livery
Antonov An-140 in Yakutia Airlines livery

The Antonov An-140 is a turboprop regional airliner developed by Antonov Design Bureau to replace the Antonov An-24. It can carry 52 passengers in standard configuration.


The development of the Antonov An-140 was announced as early as 1993 but the first prototype aircraft rolled out from the Kiev factory on the 6th of June 1997. This aircraft had the first flight later that year on the 17th of September 1997.
A year later, in 1998 Antonov completed a second flying prototype, but it took one more year (11th of October 1999) until the first standard production Antonov An-140 made its first flight.
Only after 4 years (in 2003) Antonov replaced the standard Antonov An-140 with the Antonov An-140-100. This version has a 1.00m increase in wing span, a higher MTOW and a 300km increase in range.

The Antonov An-140 is assembled in Kharkiv, (Ukraine) and also in Samara, (Russia) by Aviacor and Iran by ((HESA) (known as HESA IrAn-140 built under license agreements and assembled from supplied kits)


The Antonov An-140 has a conventional design and construction, the aircraft is certified in Russia/CIS but US and European certification is also planned. The standard Antonov An-140 is equipped with Motor-Sich AI-30s engines which are licence built Klimov TV3-117VMA-SBM1s engines. There is a second motorization option with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127A engines.

Regarding the flightdeck, the Antonov An-140 has conventional instruments with a few newly introduced features in the Antonov series.
The standard cabin of the aircraft can accommodate 52 seats in a four abreast configuration. In the rear of the Antonov An-140's cabin there is a galley, a coat stowage and a toilet.

Among the interesting features is the the rear passenger door which features integral stairs and the forward starboard side freight door that allows loading of the cargo to be carried.


The Antonov An-140 can be delivered with multiple cabin configurations depending on the purpose of the aircraft: civilian use, military transport aircraft, maritime patrol, aerial photography, geological exploration, air ambulance, freighter.

There is also a special VIP version of the Antonov An-140 which can accommodate 30 passengers in comfortable chairs. Also the cabin of this version of the An-140 can be divided into multiple zones: lounge, business class, economy.

There are plans for further versions:
  • Antonov An-140A, powered by PW127A, specially built for Aeroflot
  • Antonov An-140T, freighter version with a large freight door on the rear side
  • Antonov AN-142 with rear loading freight ramp.


As of April 2011, a total of 28 Antonov An-140 aircraft are in active service, with an additional 31 firm orders.

The airlines operating the Antonov An-140 are:

Technical data




An-140 with AI-30s

  • Max cruising speed : 575km/h (310kt)
  • Economical cruising speed : 520km/h (280kt)
  • Range with 52 passengers : 2100km (1133nm)
  • Range with a 6000kg (13,227lb) payload at 520km/h (280kt) : 900km (486nm).

An-140 with PW127s

  • Range with 52 passengers : 2500km (1349nm).

  • Ferry range : 3,680 km (1,990 nm, 2,290 mi)
  • Rate of climb : 6.83 m/s (1,345 ft/min)
  • Service ceiling : 7600 m (25,000 ft)


  • An-140 - Max takeoff 19,150kg (42,218lb).
  • An-140-100 - Empty 12,810kg (28,240lb), max takeoff 21,500kg (47,400lb).


  • An-140 - Wing span : 24.51m (80ft 5in), length 22.61m (74ft 2in), height 8.23m (26ft 11in).
  • An-140-100 - Wing span 25.51m (83ft 8in).


  • Flightcrew : 2.
  • Passengers : 52 (or less depending on cabin configuration)


  • The worst accident involving an Antonov An-140 occured in December 2002 when an aircraft with many of Ukraine's top aviation designers and engineers crashed in Isfahan-Iran into a mountainside as it was preparing to land. All 45 passengers and crew on board died. The cause of the accident is not publicly known, although the aircraft's flight data recorder was recovered, the results were never revealed.

  • In 2005 an Antonov An-140 crashed into the sea after taking off from Baku airport en route to the town of Aktau in Kazakhstan. All 23 people on board died. According to the general director of AZAL the accident "happened for technical reasons". Not long after the accident AZAL withdrew AN-140 from service and cancelled the planned deliveries of new AN-140.

  • Another accident occurred on September 6, 2008 in Kiev Boryspil airport. An Antonov An-140 of the Southern Airlines Ukraine en route from Lviv suffered a front landing gear failure (the landing gear become stuck inside the aircraft).After prompt response from authorities the aircraft landed on a specially prepared foam track. There were no injuries on board and the aircraft was later put back in service after repair works.


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