Featured: Brăila Bridge
Artists impression of the Brăila Bridge
Artists impression of the Brăila Bridge
The Brăila Bridge is a road suspension bridge in Romania, still under construction. The bridge crosses over the Danube river, between Brăila, a major city in the east of Romania, and the opposite bank of the river in Tulcea County. When completed in 2023 the bridge will improve road traffic accessibility of the Galați-Brăila area to Constanța and Tulcea. Currently the only way to cross the Danube in the Galați-Brăila area is by ferry. The nearest bridge on the Danube is the Giurgeni-Vadu Oii Bridge which is 70 km (43 miles) upstream. This will be the first bridge over the maritime Danube sector, and the fourth bridge over the Romanian section of the river.
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