Brăila Bridge

Brăila Bridge
CNAIR rendering of the Brăila Bridge
CNAIR rendering of the Brăila Bridge

Carries: Four lanes of roadway,
two combined bicycle path
and pedestrian walkways
Crosses: Danube
Locale: Between Brăila, Brăila County
and Smârdan, Tulcea County
Official name: Suspended Bridge
over the Danube
in Brăila Area
Design: Suspension bridge
Total length: 2,194.3 m (7,199 ft)
Width: 31.7 m (104 ft)
Height: 192 m (630 ft) (towers)
Longest span: 1,120 m (3,670 ft)
Clearance below: 38 metres (125 ft)
(at maximum high water)
Constructed by: Astaldi Romania and
IHI Infrastructure Systems
Construction start: 2018
Construction end: 2023 (planned)
Construction cost: ~ € 433 million

The Brăila Bridge is a road suspension bridge in Romania, still under construction. The bridge crosses over the Danube river, between Brăila, a major city in the east of Romania, and the opposite bank of the river in Tulcea County. The contract for the building of the bridge was signed on 15 January 2018 and the construction works started in December 2018. When completed in 2023 the bridge will improve road traffic accessibility of the Galați-Brăila area to Constanța and Tulcea, and connections between Moldavia, Muntenia and Dobruja regions. Currently the only way to cross the Danube in the Galați-Brăila area is by ferry. The nearest bridge on the Danube is the Giurgeni-Vadu Oii Bridge which is 70 km (43 miles) upstream.


The bridge will be part of the Buzău - Brăila - Tulcea - Constanța expressway planned to be built between 2022 - 2030. This road will connect the southern part of Moldova and Muntenia to Northern Dobrogea and the Danube Delta. It will also be the last bridge on the Danube before the river reaches the Black Sea.


The idea of a bridge near Brăila appeared in the 1980's when 3 possible locations were studied. In 1996 a pre-feasibility study was initiated followed by a feasibility study in 2001 which was completed in 2003. In the years 2015-2016 that feasibility study was updated and in 2017 was approved by CNAIR and the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communications of Romania.


Construction milestones

  • 26 February 2018 - The notice to commence work on the plans (project) of the bridge is issued
  • 18 December 2018 - The permit for the building of the bridge is issued 3
  • December 2018 - Start of the construction works
  • September 2020 - Start of the concrete pour for the pillars using climbing formwork
  • 22 December 2020 - The first pillars (on the Brăila side) of the bridge reached their maximum height of 186 meters (~610 ft)
  • 7 January 2021 - The pillars on the Jijila side have reached height of 162,5 meters (~533 ft) with a progress of about 2 m (6.5 ft) per day.

The main pillars during construction
The main pillars during construction


The project consists of the construction of a suspension bridge of 1,974.30 m (6,477.4 ft) length (with a 1,120 m (3,670 ft) main span, and two side spans of 489.65 m (1,606.5 ft) long on the Brăila bank of the river and 364.65 m (1,196.4 ft) long on the Tulcea bank of the river), two access viaducts of 110 m (360 ft) length on both sides (which will add to the length of the suspended bridge), and a connecting road with a total length of approximately 23 km (14 mi).

The final height of the pillars will be 192.64 meters (632 ft) while the clearance of the bridge deck above water will be 38m (~124 ft). The steel wire used for the main cables is estimated to be 81000 kilometers (~ 50331 miles) long and their total weight is 6700 tons. The warranty offered for the cables by the Japanese constructor is 120 years. The thickness of the cable will be 60 cm (23 inch). There will be a total of 86 bridge deck segments each weighing 250 tons. The total weight of the deck segments will be 20800 tons. 4

The entire project is being built by the Astaldi (Romanian branch) and IHI Infrastructure Systems association, at an estimated cost of € 433 million

Current status

Under construction, expected to be opened in 2023


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