Mayday(TV series)

Mayday, also known as Air Crash Investigation is a documentary television program investigating air crashes, hijackings, near-misses, bombings and other aviation related disasters. The documentaries use re-enactments and computer generated imagery to reconstruct the events leading up to the disaster. Several aviation experts, air crash investigators and retired pilots are interviewed during each episode, they explain how these emergencies happened, how were they investigated and potential ways to avoid similar events. The show premiered on 3 September 2003 on Discovery Channel Canada.


The documentary is known under different names in different territories. In the USA and Canada is known under the name Mayday. In Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Asia and other European countries is known under the name Air Crash Investigation.

In the USA it has also aired on the Smithsonian Networks under the name Air Disasters.

Production and distribution


As of 20 February 2018 a total of 153 episodes of Mayday have aired, including five Science of Disaster specials.

List of Mayday Episodes


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