US Airways Flight 1549

US Airways Flight 1549
US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River
US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River

Accident summary
Date 15 January 2009
Type : Multiple bird strikes
controlled ditching
Location : Hudson River, New York
Passengers : 150
Crew : 5
Fatalities : 0
Survivors : 155 (all))
Aircraft involved : Airbus A320
Operator : US Airways
Aircraft registration : N106US
Flight origin : La Guardia Airport
Destination : Charlotte Douglas Airport

The incidents which involves an A320 en route from from New York La Guardia LGA KLGA? to Charlotte Douglas International CLT KCLT?. The aircraft hit a flock of birds and lost both engines in the process. The pilot decided to ditch the plane in the frozen Hudson River. All the passangers and the whole crew survived




Search and recovery

Passengers and crew




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