Air Transat Flight 236

Air Transat Flight 236
The A330-200 involved the incident
The A330-200 involved the incident

Accident summary
Date 24 August 2001
Type : In flight fuel starvation
Location : Atlantic Ocean near Azores
Passengers : 293
Crew : 13
Fatalities : 0
Survivors : 306 (all)
Aircraft involved : Airbus A330-200
Operator : Air Transat
Aircraft registration : C-GITS
Flight origin : Toronto Pearson,
Toronto, Canada
Destination : Lisbon Portela Airport,
Lisbon, Portugal

Air Transat Flight 236 was a transatlantic flight from Toronto Pearson to Lisbon Portela Airport operated by Air Transat, a canadian charter company. On the 24 August 2001 the aircraft operating the flight, an Airbus A330-200 lost all power due to fuel starvation. The aircraft piloted by Captain Robert Piche, 48, an experienced glider pilot and First Officer Dirk de Jager, 28, successfully glided and performed an emergency landing at Lajes Air Force Base in the Azores. All 306 people on board of the flight survived without injuries.




Search and recovery

Passengers and crew




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