List of Boeing 777 hull losses

The following Boeing 777 aircraft have crashed or been damaged beyond repair.

Damage conditions
17 January 2008 British Airways G-YMMM 30314/342 while performing Flight 38
29 July 2011 EgyptAir SU-GBP 28423/71 fire on the grounds of Cairo International Airport
July 2013 Asiana Airlines HL7742 29171/553 Crash landed while landing at San Francisco International Aiport, performing flight Asiana Airlines Flight 214
8 March 2014 Malaysia Airlines 9M-MRO 28420/404 Disappeared while performing Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing
17 July 2014 Malaysia Airlines 9M-MRD 28411/84 Shot down while performing Flight 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur
3 August 2016 Emirates A6-EMW 32700/434 Crash landed while performing Flight 521 from Trivandrum International Airport, India to Dubai International Airport
29 November 2017 Singapore Airlines 9V-SQK 33368/428 Aircraft caught fire while being towed at Singapore Changi Airport and was damaged beyond economical repair
22 July 2020 Ethiopian Airlines ET-ARH 42031/1242 Aircraft caught fire at the cargo area of Shanghai Pudong International Airport and was damaged beyond economical repair

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