List of helicopter manufacturers and models

Helicopter manufacturers and models

A-B Helicopters
Aero Vodochody
Aeronautical Products
A-B Helicopters A W 95 Aerocopter AK-1-3 Aero HC-2 Heli Baby-COMBAT Aero HC-3 Aero HC-4 Aero Z-35 Heli Trainer Aero F-10 raptor Aerokopter ZA-6 Model 3 A-1
Aerospace General
Aero-Sport International
Aerospace General Mini-Copter Aerospatiale Alouette Aerospatiale Alouette II Aerospatiale Alouette III Aerospatiale Cougar Aerospatiale Dauphin Aerospatiale Djinn Aerospatiale Ecureuil Aerospatiale Gazelle Aerospatiale Lama Aerospatiale Puma Aerospatiale Super Frelon Aerospatiale Super Puma Aerospatiale P-120 Aero Sport Kahu Aerotecnica AC-11 Aerotecnica AC-12 Aerotecnica AC-13 Aerotecnica AC-14 Aerotecnica AC-15 Aerotecnica AC-21 Agusta AZ.101G Agusta AB.102 Agusta A103 Agusta A104 Helicar Agusta A105 Agusta A106 Agusta A109 Agusta A115 Agusta A119 Koala Agusta A129 Mangusta
Airmaster Helicopters
Ambi Budd
American Aircraft Corporation
American Helicopter
Agusta Westland EH101 CH-149 Cormorant VH-71 Agusta Westland AW109Power Agusta Westland AW Grand Agusta Westland AW119Ke Agusta Westland AW139 Agusta Westland AW149 Agusta Westland AW159 Airmaster H2-B1 Ambi Budd Flying Car American Aircraft Penetrator XH-26 Jet Jeep American Helicopter XA 5 Top Sergeant American Helicopter Transporter
Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter Group)
Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin
Air & Space
Aviation Industries of Iran
Air & Space 18A Flymobil Aviaimpex Angel Avian 2 180 Gyroplane AII AVA-505 Thunder Avicopter AC313
Bell Agusta
BA609 Tiltrotor Boeing CH-47 Chinook
IAR 316 Alouette III IAR 317 Airfox IAR 330 Puma IAR 330L Socat Kamov Ka-126
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
CH-53E Super Stallion MH-53 Pave Low Sikorsky MH-60 Jayhawk

Mil Mi1 Mil Mi2 Mil Mi3 Mil Mi4 V-5 Mil Mi6 V-7 Mil Mi8 Mil Mi10 V-12 Mil Mi14 V-16 Mil Mi17 Mil Mi18 Mil Mi20 Mil Mi22 Mil Mi24 Mil Mi25 Mil Mi26 Mil Mi28 Mil Mi30 Mil Mi32 Mil Mi34 Mil Mi35 Mil Mi36 Mil Mi38 Mil Mi40 Mil Mi42 Mil Mi44 Mil Mi46 Mil Mi52 Mil Mi54 Mil Mi58 Mil Mi60 Mil Mi115 Mil Mi171 Mil Mi172 Mil Mi234 Mil Mi-X1

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